Friday, November 4, 2011

700(Q:49, V35)

Took the GMAT today and scored what I thought would be the minimum I should get - 700. Not happy about the verbal score though - only once I got such a low score in the mocks. Having said that, my section scores just reflect the amount of effort I put in the respective sections. I have apparently overrated my verbal skills :)

GMAT experience was just normal. It did nothing to upset me. I think I have upset myself by not performing to my potential. Entire test felt too easy. Then itself I sensed something's not right.

I am happy that I touched the magic mark of 700.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GMAT Prep 2: 720(q:49, v:40)

Done with practice tests. I came a long way in two months - from 710 in prep1 to 720 in prep2; 10 points that is ;) Jokes apart, given my current situation, I will be really really happy if I get such a score in the real GMAT. Wish me luck!