Friday, November 4, 2011

700(Q:49, V35)

Took the GMAT today and scored what I thought would be the minimum I should get - 700. Not happy about the verbal score though - only once I got such a low score in the mocks. Having said that, my section scores just reflect the amount of effort I put in the respective sections. I have apparently overrated my verbal skills :)

GMAT experience was just normal. It did nothing to upset me. I think I have upset myself by not performing to my potential. Entire test felt too easy. Then itself I sensed something's not right.

I am happy that I touched the magic mark of 700.


  1. Congrats. Good score.

    What are your next plans? Applying for round 2/next year?

  2. Congratulations.. Great score..!!


  4. Shweta and mbapath, thanks a lot!

    Let me know if I can be of any help in your GMAT preparations. All the best.

  5. Hei - Congrats on reaching 700. Although lesser than your scores in practice exams this is a decent enough score for most schools. I am taking a series of tests as well and peaking around 680/690, very demotivating. My exam is just 3 days away and my target is 750+ [which I have never breached as you can see]. Other than going with a level head for the exam any other last minute tip for me?


    GMAT Orig 28-Sep 670
    Manhatan 11-Oct 690
    GMAT Orig 20-Nov 690
    Veritas 19-Nov 630
    Grockit 19-Nov 670
    Kaplan 21-Nov 690
    MGCAT 22-Nov 610
    PowerPrep 23-Nov 710
    MGCAT 23-Nov 680
    PowerPrep 24-Nov 710
    MGCAT 25-Nov 680

  6. @anandbal795 Thanks for stopping by :)

    1. Just make sure you have a proper timing strategy. Every 5 or 10 questions, check whether you are on right track or not. It's easy to get carried away. I was going way ahead of time in my quant section and stopped checking time and spent too much time on a question which messed up my timing. If you don't have a timing strategy then I suggest going through Stacey(from MGMAT) post on BTG about time management.

    2. Don't lose focus in the verbal section. I even suggest closing your eyes for a sec and opening them before going to the next question.

    3. Do practice AWA at least once before the test. I directly wrote my first essays in the test. I was cramped for time in the analysis of issue and ended up with 5.0

    All the best.

  7. Congrats.. 700 is a good score. As we know that GMAT exam is very difficult. Scoring 700 is a good achievement.

    Best Regards
    GMAT Verbal Section

  8. Hei - I managed a 690 in the GMAT Q:49, V35 with a AWA of 6.0. Relieved it is all over!

    Are you active in Pagalguy in the R2 discussions?

  9. @anandbal795 congrats on the great score. Where do you plan to apply?

    No, I am not part of the pagulguy discussions. I am on beatthegmat though.