Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OG Math Marathon...

I fully leveraged today's Diwali holiday by solving ALL the problem solving questions from the Official Guide under timed conditions. Yes, I did all 230 of them. And I feel like starting the DS part now, but I think it's better to leave it for tomorrow :)


  1. 219 questions out of 230 were correct
  2. Average time per question: 86 sec
  3. Goofed up questions: 46, 69, 84, 112, 124, 152, 163, 197, 198,  221, 223

It was a cake walk except for the last 30 questions. I think the key to conquer quant section is the ability to realize when to move on from a difficult question.

Will conquer Data Sufficiency tomorrow. On that note, Happy Diwali.

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