Saturday, October 29, 2011

Practice Test Marathon...

I am down with fever. So I went crazy and took three practice tests back to back yesterday - GMAT Prep 2, GMAT Life by CATPREP, and Manhattan CAT2.

Quant scores: 47, 51, and 47.
Verbal scores: 35, 42, and 40.

The above scores just show how different various tests are. Though I got a disappointing score in GMAT prep2, I identified my weak areas in quant. Verbal, I am unable to focus - could be because of my fever. I just hope I will be able to concentrate in the real GMAT, which is less than a week away.

Taking off till I get rid of the fever. I just hope I have enough time to brush up my weak areas, and to solidify my strong areas... 


  1. Awesome scores. I would suggest taking it easy now and trying to condition yourself as per your GMAT appointment i.e. w.r.t sleep and food

  2. @ccatcher no doubt scores are good, but they are not what I expect from myself. I came tumbling down to the earth. Will take the test by keeping my feet firmly on the ground. I just hope I get better before the test.

  3. @Shweta Thanks. All the best to you too. You have the test scheduled on 18th, right? How's your preparation coming along?

  4. :) Yeah.. preps are OK.. when is your test scheduled?