Friday, September 16, 2011

Darden's Delhi Reception: Wah hoo wah!

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend the MBA information session conducted by Darden at Oberoi hotel, New Delhi. I have attended many information sessions but this one is the best. The amount of time the prospective students got to spend with the school alums is priceless. A special thanks to Darden alumnus Gokul Chandrasekaran who was really helpful. Dean's speech was excellent to say the least.

I was not so sure about Darden before, but if the alumni I have spoken to are any hint, it's a great place to be part of.

Things learnt:

  1. Darden is THE best school for general management
  2. If you want to learn the philosophy of business, with its case method based teaching, Darden is the place to be
  3. Darden has a very rigorous curriculum
  4. Class size of 300 and small city setup contribute to a very close-knit community(similar to Tuck)
  5. Typically, Indians constitute 10% of the class
  6. Darden = learning + fun
  7. At Darden, people greet each other with the words "Waa hoo Wah," meaning a fish that drinks a lot. 
Overall a very satisfactory event; gave me a break that I needed from work and GMAT. Completely recharged.

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  1. Hey Rajendra, This is Jaidev. I had messaged you in FB earlier. All the very best to you too!