Sunday, September 18, 2011

ESADE's info session at New Delhi

ESADE's information session is, well, informative! Two things I liked about the school: Flexibility and emphasis on team work and collaborative learning.

  1. Flexible curriculum with an option of doing the MBA in 12,15, or 18 months
  2. Truly global school with students coming from diverse backgrounds
  3. Small class ~ 175
  4. Collaborative learning - all the classes require team work
  5. LEAD program for personal transformation
  6. Learning local languages is a must for those who want to work in Europe post-graduation.
  7. If you have solid experience currently and plan to comeback to India post-graduation, ESADE's 12 month program is the best bet for you - best of luck choosing from INSEAD, ISB and ESADE :)
  8. In 18 month MBA, if you plan properly, you could spend 6 months in a region (where you want work post-graduation ) doing both internship and exchange program.


  1. Nice post, Rajendra!! Wish you all the very best.

  2. Thanks ROADIE. Congratulations on the ESADE admit. Hope to hear your experiences through your blog :)