Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work-GMAT balance

Let me first confess that GMAT gets to you. In the beginning, I just can't stop thinking about GMAT. All I want to do is study for GMAT. It's hard not to prepare for GMAT all the time. But, at the end of the day, GMAT is just a means to an end. Work is much more important.

When I started the GMAT preparation, I made it a point to keep my work & GMAT preparation separate, and not to neglect the work. I have a great boss and he is very supportive of my MBA plans from the start (yes, I am one of the few lucky guys). He is supportive to the extent that he offered me to reduce my work load(yes, you read that right). Worst thing I could do, during the whole MBA application process, is straining my relationship with him. So I compartmentalized work and GMAT. And boy, am I happy! I am much more efficient at work now as I am utilizing my time optimally. And you know what, my boss was saying the other day that I don't seem like putting enough time into my GMAT preparation :) See, the beauty of compartmentalization!


  1. Hmmm....when are you planning to write the exam? Are you applying in round 1?

  2. 10th October. You can read about it here -

    Plan is to apply either to Tuck or Duke in round 1. I know, I am walking on a tight rope here with GMAT scheduled on October 10th :)

  3. Time Management is the key factor in GMAT exam preparation. As we all know that GMAT exam is based on three difficult section. So we have to work hard for all these three section. Without time management it is not possible to concentrate on all the sections.

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