Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Takeaways from Kellogg's information session

Attended the information session conducted by Kellogg. The director of admissions was really nice.

Some facts I learnt about the school:

 1. Team work is given a lot of prominence at Kelogg
 2. Flexible curriculum except for core courses(which can be exempted)
 3. Curriculum has approximately 70% non-lecture sessions(case-based/projects etc)
 4. Kellogg has experimental courses which is really cool
 5. Rather large class: 1200 students
 6. Uber cool KWEST program
 7. 2-week foreign country business trip
 8. 50000+ alumni. Good presence of Kellogg alumni in India
 9. 27 Indians in the most recent branch
10. Not sure about the loans to international students.
11. Good school for married. Lot of activities for spouses(called JVs) of students. They can take part in quest, business trip etc. Separate clubs for JVs and Kellogg kid program. JVs can even sit in the lectures.


  1. Thanks for the update. Sounds interesting. I was expected to attend one n Mumbai this week but could not go because I am not feeling really wel. so this update was really useful. thanks.

  2. Hey I am glad you found it useful. Thanks for visiting.