Sunday, September 25, 2011

GMAT Prep I Retake 720 (Q48, V40)

Finally a sigh of relief. After taking three Veritas tests and scoring in the 600's, I started doubting my abilities and went for the big one - GMAT prep I; scored 720. Moral of the story - don't take scores awarded by test prep companies seriously. Use the tests to improve your timing and strategy.

Even though 720 is a good score, I am really disappointed as I have done many mistakes in quant - 13 mistakes altogether(11 in DS, 2 in PS). Clearly Data Sufficiency is killing me. Now what do I do to tackle Data Sufficiency? Anyway, I haven't done much for the verbal till now. I will concentrate on it for now.


  1. Cool!!
    Hey, will you be coming for the MBA Tour event tomorrow?

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